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EXASconsulting and trainingPROJECTand PEOPLE

Project Management consultancy on all levels and organization segments


Practical Project Management support tailored to organizational needs.



Exas provide optimization of all, or selected project phases based on thorough analysis of project processes, framework and stakeholders. Project risks occuring from project interfaces are assessed methodologically. A roadmap for implementation of improvement measures will be developed and supported through the improvement implementation project.

Project Analysis


Based on structured and throughly defined approach


the "EXAS MATRIX" approach

Project Support


All project phases are included.


"All projects are eligible for improvement"



Project Management


Risks and Changes are unavoidable factors that must be managed in a prudent way


"Healthy projects and healty staff"

"Several communication factors impact Projects Risk Management. Risk to the project objctives as well as occupational health risks must be considered, managed and reduced throughout the project lifececycle"

A Healthy approach


Holistic Project Management methods taylored to client needs



EXAS Consulting and Training implements a solid and healthy project environment through smooth communication, overview and stress reduction.


"It is never too late to give your project environment a health injection"

  • Framework
  • Communication
  • Risk Influence
  • Decision making
  • Stakeholders
  • Integration
  • Management
  • Assessment

"Communication factors in project teams have moderating effect on managing risks"


EXAS helps to improve PROJECT and PEOPLE health

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